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4. Recognize and use parts of a book,
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Title: Parts of a Book
Subject: Reading
Grade: 2nd
Technology Integration: The user is able to click on the part of the book they choose to in order to receive an explanation of what that part of the book is used for. There is an interractive game in which the student can read or listen to the game played by the teacher. The game is called "Who Am I". Parts of the book are described and the student(s) then choose from a word bank and click the best answer

Title: Kid Pix Slide Show
Subject: Language Arts, Art

Grade: 2
Technology Integration: Students will be creating a story with a beginning, middle, and an end. They will then make a slide show that presents their story using their own drawings scanned in and their own voice reading the story. They will use different fonts, colors, and scanning skills.

Title: Wow! It's Me!
Subject: Social Skills, Community & Environmental Awareness
Grade: K-1
Technology Integration: Kindergarten and first grade students will describe themselves using a classroom database. They learn about each other by sharing and completing the database.

Mathfactcafe is an interractive website that helps students practice their mathfacts, time skills, and money skills. Teachers can build practice sheets and time tests for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts as well as telling time and counting money. They can choose how much space they want between questions and how many questions on a page. Teachers can choose which questions they want included on the test and all this cann easily be done and a test be devised in about 1 minute. Students can practice on what is called the falshcard portion of the website. The computer will flash the question to the student and they type in the answerl. A correct answer and the screen flashes a positive response. At the end of the session the student can review all the questions he/she had gotten wrong and choose to repeat or move on to a different set of flash cards. This is a very good site for kids working on quickness of mathfacts. is a great website for beginning and transitional readers. It works on skills from letter/sound relations to reading different generes. The main menu gives students a choice of alphabet work, building words, reading stories at differing levels, having stories read to them, working with word families, interractive stories, and much much more. The "Getting Ready to Read" is the alphabet portion of the site which allows students much repetition with each letter. They are able to hear the sound with both the capital and the lowercase letter. There are animated pictures along with the letters. There is also a sign language component to the letter identification portion. The "Learn to Read" section helps students discover how words are used in print. The stories are categorized by word families. Students can work through the stories listening to the computer read, while the words are highlighted. There is also a make-a-word section where they will make words in each word family. The make-a-word starts out with easy words such as pan, man and works up to more difficult words such as like, bike. There are also short movies that can be watched that highlight the words that are being taught. The "Fun to Read" and I'm Reading" sections focus on the students actually reading the text on the pages with or without the computer's help. The picture cues are very positive. The children can easily distinguish the text. The navigation through the fields on the screen are quite simple. The program covers the following generes: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, comics, tongue twisters, plays, myths, folk tales, and fables. Overall, this is a wonderfall site for reading and wordwork!

www.uptoten.comThis wesite is a conglomeration of games, puzzles, drawing activities, animated stories, and many more awesome variations of activities that allow children to work on many different skills. Children choose an element that they want to work in such as music, math, art, or reasoning. They then chose a type of activity in the element. They may then chose the level of the activity they will work on. The choices children make will allow them to work on skills such as: problem solving, choices and decisions, math concepts, logic, paterns, and much, much more. The site also offers pritables in many of the categories.
‚ÄčOther Websites to Try:www.learninggamesforkids.comwww.brainpop.com
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